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Puppa's Pals Design

Who We Are

We are a 501c3 non-profit providing temporary foster placement of pets for folks experiencing crisis currently serving the Duluth and Superior area. With Puppa’s Pals, pets are fostered until their owners feel they are ready and able to resume care. Our fosters commit to caring for these animals for an average of three to twelve months through addiction treatments, hospitalizations, house fires, escaping domestic violence situations, jail sentences, and homelessness. We believe no one should have to choose to permanently surrender their lifelong companion due to a temporary problem. Our organization strives to provide a quick response to folks in need. Our ability to say YES depends on available space in foster homes. We’re committed to giving these pets a safe comfortable home environment. We maintain a goal of remaining foster based.

How can I help?

Newly accepted pets often need updated vaccinations, spay or neuter, and to have any ongoing health or behavioral needs treated. Puppa’s Pals provides each new foster family with needed supplies including an appropriately sized crate, food, durable toys, treats, a properly fitted collar, ID tag, leash, and other items needed to ensure a comfortable transition for both the pet and the receiving family.

Puppa’s Pals is different from traditional rescue in a variety of ways. A significant difference is that we do not provide pet adoptions to the community, which means we do not recover funds in the form of adoption fees.

So what makes our mission to keep people and pets together during and after a crisis sustainable? We really heavily on community support including donated funds, supplies, and volunteer hours. We have been fortunate in being awarded locally funded grants in 2023 from the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation. Our relationship with the supplies and resources available through Feeding Furry Friends in Maple Grove MN, an ambassador of Greater Good Charities provides us with access to affordable pet food and supplies.

Our Goals

As we begin the new year, we have new goals! In 2024 we hope you will join us in exceeding them!

  • Keep our community updated via more social media content
  • Triple our # of foster families
  • Triple our # of volunteers
  • Double our # of pet intakes
  • Increase our capacity for community outreach
  • Build relationships with more partner organizations in the community
  • Add Fi GPS collars to our program for flight risk pets, via Fi’s Rescue Partner Program
  • Add and integrate use of a rescue software to reduce redundancy and improve data tracking
  • Fill up our event calendar so we can spend time getting to know you!


To provide safe stable foster care for pets while their owners obtain needed support.


To increase awareness of the impact pets have on total wellness. 10% of the 3.5 million homeless Americans have pets. While 47% of domestic violence survivors delay leaving abusers due to their pets.


To prevent folks from feeling like surrendering their pet is the only option in order to seek care for themselves.

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